Top 10 Reasons Why Seniors Want to Consider a Rocking Chair

Top 10 Reasons Why Seniors Want to Consider a Rocking Chair

1. The rocking-chair is created more for relaxation, than for rest. The chair allows an elderly person to enter a pleasant trance. The parasympathetic nervous system, which is activated at this moment, can distract a person from unnecessary thoughts and help them relax.

2. Relaxing the mind can also relax your body. In this case, the muscles get full rest and recovery. Relaxing the diaphragm allows you to breathe deeper and helps increase the supply of oxygen in your body.

3. A rocking chair is important for older people suffering from tachycardia or other irregular heartbeats. With the help of rhythmic swaying, a certain heartbeat rhythm is set, that is, when a person sways smoothly and evenly, their heart tends to beat in the same way.

4. For more than 50 years, the rocking chair has been considered an excellent means of dealing with back pain, which is a common issue among the elderly.

5. A rocking chair can also help older people who have trouble falling asleep. Thirty minutes of rhythmic rocking is likely to offer you a deep sound sleep.

6. The rocking chair also helps to strengthen the muscles of the legs and back.

7. A rocking chair has a good effect on the vestibular apparatus. Regular classes on such a “simulator” will help you more easily endure long car trips, air travel, etc.

8. A rocking chair is also an excellent means of preventing dementia (senile dementia) for the elderly. So, in addition to getting pleasure from swaying, you are also able to “relax” from the idea that senility will pass you by.

9. In addition to the undoubted health benefits, the rocking chair is an ornament to any interior, especially in combination with a fireplace and a floor lamp.

10. If you’re looking for gift ideas for an older adult on their birthday, a rocking chair can be your best option. Medigap insurance & Senior Citizens: Seniors considering additional coverage options may want to have a look at 2019 Humana Medicare advantage plans or Medigap that cover extra costs not included within their Medicare.