Types of Rocking Chairs for Senior Citizens

Types of Rocking Chairs for Senior Citizens

Traditional (classic) rocking chairs

A classic rocking chair is a design that sways by two skis (runners). Runners can be both long and short. Long runners provide a large amplitude of swing, the position of the human body changes from sitting to half-lying. If the runners are short, then the depth of the swing will be small, the person continues to remain in a sitting position. Most chairs with short runners do not have footrests, their armrests are parallel to the floor, they are easy to swing, it is easier to get up from them. These rocking chairs are ideal for the elderly, as well as babies. The most traditional option is a chair with long runners, they provide a deep swing, have a classic shape, as well as fit almost everyone without any exception.

Glider Chairs

As opposed to traditional rocking chairs, glider chairs swing at the expense of a special built-in mechanism that allows an elderly person to soar above the ground. Among the major benefits of such a design is the immobility of the base of the chair, due to which there are no traces on carpets or other floor covering. In America, gliders are much more popular when compared with the classic ones. https://www.ssa.gov/

Rocking spring chairs

The seats is rocking spring chairs, as in the previous version, are located on a fixed basis. Swinging is provided by compression and release of the spring mechanism. In such a chair, a person takes a more upright position, the angle of inclination of the chair is small (about 20 degrees). It can be used both as a rocking chair and as an ordinary chair. The advantages of this type include compact size (ideal for small spaces), the absence of marks on the floor. Such a rocking chair will suit anyone, including an elderly person since there are no special requirements for rolling.

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